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  • Why CHAKO?
    The first sparkling drink was a huge success in the 1700s, many years later bartenders put together tea and cocktails, creating a popular trend! So here's CHAKO, combining all three incredible elements in a can. “Cha” is used interchangeably with tea in many cultures, while “ko” is reminiscent of the word cocktail. CHAKO is a locally-made ready-to-drink sparkling tea cocktail, perfectly portioned with a low sugar and moderate alcohol content, served in a can for sustainability and portability. It is made for the playful and curious-minded, for solo drinkers and party-goers alike. Our philosophy is simple: to make good cocktails and good times accessible.
  • Where are CHAKO’s RTD cocktails made?
    We design, develop, mix, can and package CHAKO from start to finish in our own facility in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
  • What is CAN-TO CANS?
    CAN-TO CANS is a RTD cocktail brand, the mother brand of CHAKO. It means “from one can to more cans” – the flexibility of drinking with yourself or others and enjoying either ways; it also hints at our Cantonese background and origin.
  • What flavours are available?
    CHAKO offers three distinctive flavours at the moment: Peach & Ginger Oolong Apple & Elderflower White Tea Mango & Blood Orange Tie Guan Yin
  • Why use tea as a main ingredient in CHAKO?
    Hong Kong’s tea culture was inspired by and inherited from its colonial past, further developed into a much unique one under the influence of the local culture and its people. Tea comes in various types – amber, green, red and black. Historically, tea was tied to ceremonies and traditions, or a full meal. But thanks to its pleasing properties and proven versatility, it has become a part of lifestyle, a daily routine even, to be enjoyed on its own or as mixed beverages (e.g. Boba teas or cocktails). If you know our founder Antonio Lai and his thoughtful creations, including but not limited to the notorious Earl Grey Caviar Martini, Oolong Tea Collins, Guk Bou and Ceylon Sour, you will get an idea how much he actually loves tea and that CHAKO is a total passion project.
  • Do you use real spirits in CHAKO?
    Yes! We use craft spirits. We got our vodka from France, gin from the UK, and a blended rum from the Caribbean. As bartenders, we think great spirits are the backbone of a great drink, and this gives our drinks a crisp flavour you just can't get anywhere else.
  • How much alcohol does CHAKO have in each can, and how is the alcohol level compared to other alcoholic beverages?
    Beers hover around 5% while wines are in the ballpark of 15%. After weeks of testing and debate, we decided to set the alcohol content in CHAKO at 7% ABV., which in its 250ml can, means it contains a little bit more alcohol than a standard can of beer, and just about as much as a large glass of wine. More formally, it holds 1.7 standard units of alcohol.
  • Should I pour CHAKO into a glass and add ice, or drink it straight from a chilled can?
    CHAKO is a simple and straightforward RTD cocktail for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Crack open a can (make sure it's well chilled) and you’re good to go! If you must serve it in a glass at a party, we’d recommend no ice otherwise it gets watered down.
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